The History of Alpro Group

Alpro Group was established in 1995 by its unique founder mister Adrian Subtirica.

Starting as a small design firm, Alpro Group worked its way towards bigger projects and greater challenges. Our initial projects included work for small developers and general contractors in Romania. Our main service was for many years that of providing curtain walls and façade cladding.

Thanks to the increasing number of projects and the appreciation of our clients, Alpro Group grew bigger. In 1997 we invested in our first manufacturing line of aluminum joinery. In addition, we constantly recruited more personnel to support the extending activity of our company. A constant investment in machinery, equipment and human force is a way of staying competitive. Our full portfolio of past projects is available for those interested in getting to know our history better.

Our Vision and Solution Past projects made by Alpro Group since 1995 until the present day.


Alpro Group stands for luxury design, fine endings and technical solutions, unique projects.

The versatility of our products makes them functional, practical, suitable in a variety of different contexts. Architects use our solutions in restoration projects built in the last centuries, or in contemporary architecture which require technological performance.

Efficiency and aesthetics come together to create unique architectural projects.

Our company is well-known for our precise to details, our demand for quality materials and for our error proof manufacturing processes.

The products proposed by Alpro Group complete the overall aspect of windows and doors and represent the answer for creating a unique project. Slim, elegant and strong accessories talk about the quality and duration of a project.

Why choose our team?

Passionate and dedicated to exceptional architecture and luxury interior design our team works to offer exceptional quality and efficiency.

All our products are custom made from select materials such as galvanised steel, stainless steel, corten steel and brass.

luxury joinery executed using state of the art equipment

high quality materials

short delivery terms

expertise in the manufacture and design of system joinery

out of the box solutions

continuous quality improvement

all our products are in accordance with the latest EU standards


    Your project can benefit from custom made doors&windows which meet residential and commercial needs. Contact us now, and together we can find solutions for your project.